Services and Prices

Official Delegations Hall is the place of comfort and care for those who appreciate safe travel. We offer a full set of premium class air travel services at the Boryspil International Airport.

Providing comfort and safety for our clients during our service and saving their time are the top priorities which the team of our professionals skillfully makes a reality. In Official Delegations Hall we provide services for groups of officials, individual travellers flying domestic and international flights; passengers with children; passengers with disabilities; unaccompanied minors.

We are located at the premises of a stand alone terminal. Our facilities are fully air-conditioned and equipped with free Wi-Fi and digital television services. We also have a dedicated parking which is under 24 hr surveillance.

  • Meeting passengers and arranging for departures

    Meeting passengers and arranging for departures

    A personal assistant will meet you at the gate (or by the ramp), help with your carry on and take you in a car to the waiting hall. Our spacious terminal is located close to the main terminal of the Boryspil International Airport, providing confidentiality and maximum comfort.

    We help to expedite customs and immigration control and while you wait, you may enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, a glass of Champagne, and an assorted desert of your choice. You will experience the hospitality and high level of professionalism of our team members.

    When planning your departure, you may also use the services of our Hall. Leave all the hustle to us, starting with packaging of your luggage, bookings, customs and immigration, any accompanying services including your arrival at your seat on the plane. You enjoy the atmosphere of your travel, while we take care of all the logistics and your comfort.

  • Transportation


    Transportation of a client from the airport to a destination is invaluable. We arrange for a special transfer from the air field, the ramp of a private jet or doors of the terminal building. A comfortable vehicle will be waiting for you, with absolutely no delays.

    Our fleet consists of luxury and premium class vehicles, spacious and comfortable buses and minivans and certain other vehicles suitable for transportation. Our highly professional drivers will transport you to your destination safely. We guarantee transportation for our clients to a destination of choice anywhere in Kyiv and back to the airport.

  • Luggage and carryon

    Luggage and carryon

    We offer two types of services: picking up luggage and carry on from a client’s vehicle and taking it to the check in; or claiming luggage and placing it into the client’s vehicle.

    Official Delegations Hall offers not only conventional methods of baggage handling but also, if necessary, we may provide transportation and handling for oversized and non-standard baggage. Our fleet meets all the safety requirements.

  • Waiting for your flight

    Waiting for your flight

    This is the most exciting time! Our Hall provides a spacious air-conditioned environment with comfortable leather and wooden furniture and television system equipped with satellite programming.

    We also offer an extensive set menu and a variety of beverages of your choice. Our Hall will host travelling passengers and those individuals meeting them or seeing them off, pre-registered in advance. The service to the latter is free.

  • Parking for clients

    Parking for clients

    This service is for temporary parking of a vehicle of a client. This service is available upon request and advance notice is required where a client is to provide the make and model of a vehicle and its registration. The client’s vehicle will be parked in the designated parking lot in accordance with the rules of parking which are established for the Officials Service Lounge.

    This is a popular service as there is no need for a client to worry about parking and driving the vehicle across the country – their vehicle will be waiting for them to close the Boryspil International Airport for as long as it is necessary for the client.

  • Customs and immigration

    Customs and immigration

    Immigration control is a procedure mandated by governments of all countries around the world. At our Hall, we can assist with going through the routine process with maximum speed and comfort. For this purpose, we have customs kiosks open for the clients of our Hall so that our clients may appreciate the advantages of personalized service and save their time.

    In the operational section of our Hall, you may find representatives of customs and immigrations, bank representatives and team members of our Lounge who will be able to coordinate the whole process.

  • Check-in process

    Check-in process

    Our team members will help you to significantly save time and simplify the process of your check-in. During the check-in time, the client will enjoy a spacious hall with bar service, looking through magazines and flipping through favourite TV channels.

    We also provide services for online booking, planning business trip itinerary, taking into account date of the scheduled flight and if necessary, finding the most convenient connecting flights.

  • Waitng for luggage

    Waitng for luggage

    For our clients we provide a dedicated “Arrivals” hall where they may wait for their luggage to arrive and go through the customs and immigration control. During the wait time, our clients are offered cold beverages, coffee, tea, daily press, opportunity to watch TV shows and movies.

    In this format, it will take no time to go through customs as there are no lineups or delays, the process is simplified and maximized to the maximum.

  • Private Duty Free

    Private Duty Free

    Duty Free store, where there is no tax charged for goods, is available in every airport. At Official Delegations Hall, the famous chain is represented by our partner "PAVO". The story has a variety of assorted alcohol beverages, tobacco products, sweets, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

  • Communication services

    Communication services

    The meeting of delegations and organization of business, official and corporate events cannot do without high-quality and uninterrupted communication. That is why the package of our services definitely includes the ability to make international calls.

    Unlimited access to the World Wide Web in 4G format is also provided for visitors in Official Delegations Hall.

  • Providing fax and photocopier services

    Providing fax and photocopier services

    Official Delegations Hall, where passengers and accompanying persons will rest, is not just a convenient space for relaxation and recuperation after the flight or before the flight. The package of services also provides for the possibility of using office equipment, in particular, fax and photocopier.

    The service is especially relevant for official visits, conferences, trainings and other business events, given the fact that the transmission of important documents by fax is more information-secure than e-mail. Office equipment in Official Delegations Hall meets all modern requirements.

  • Free of charge services

    Free of charge services

    The category of free of charge additional services includes: luggage packing, food and beverages, including alcoholic, purified and mineral water. We also draw your attention to the sector of children’s entertainment and Samsung-house for children.

Our government owned company, Official Delegations Hall

Offers you to try our convenient, multifunctional services to upgrade the comfort of your travel, to save precious time and experience the next level service for holding conferences, corporate events, summits and other formal and non-formal meetings.

Services and Prices

ServicePrice, HRV.
Services for adults and children 7 to 12 years old, who travel unaccompanied3500,00
Children 7 to 12 years old, accompanied by adults1750,00
Services for adults and children 7 to 12 years old waiting for connecting flights:
Adults who follow the transfer5250,00
Children from 7 to 12 years old, accompanied by adults who follow the transfer2625,00
Transfer from the Boryspil International Airport to Kyiv for passengers, who are clients of the Officials Service Lounge, in a vehicle provided by the Officials Service Lounge, 12 hour notice/booking required2000,00
Transfer from the Boryspil International Airport to outside of Kyiv (up to 30 km) for passengers, who are clients of the Officials Service Lounge, in a vehicle provided by the Officials Service Lounge, 12 hour notice/booking required3000,00
Private room up to 3 hours of use (12 hour notice/booking required)1500,00
Meeting passengers in ethical costume with traditional bread and salt (12 hour notice/booking required)2000,00
Additional set menu if required:
Adult set menu400,00
Kids set menu200,00

Our services include passenger care at departure and upon arrival, and also providing a set menu and beverages during the time at Official Delegations Hall.

Children under 7 years old are served free of charge!

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