Frequent questions

Services in Official Delegations Hall can be booked on the website or by phone +38 (067) 548-82-65

Payment for services in Official Delegations Hall can be made on the website or directly at the bank branch in Official Delegations Hall

In most airlines, check-in starts 2 hours before departure and ends 1 hour prior.

Please take this information into account and arrive at Official Delegations Hall 1 hour 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft. We need this time to pack your luggage, check in the ticket and transfer the luggage to the carrier and issue the luggage receipts.

If you are traveling without luggage and have a boarding pass valid for this flight – please arrive no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the aircraft for the timely passage of all types of control prescribed by law

Yes. Official Delegations Hall provides services to all categories of passengers. Children up to 7 years old, accompanied by adults, are served free of charge

Yes. Official Delegations Hall provides services for unaccompanied children. According to the Rules of air transportation of passengers and luggage, approved by the order of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine No. 1239 as of November 26, 2018, children can be transported by air both accompanied and unaccompanied by an adult passenger, subject to mandatory requirements:

• Unaccompanied child – a child aged 2 to 14 years – by domestic transport and from 2 to 16 years – by international;

• The minimum age limit is determined by the carrier, but not less than 2 years;

• The age of the child is determined on the date of the start of transportation from the airport of departure specified in the ticket;

• Unaccompanied children are accepted for service in Official Delegations Hall after parents or guardians fill in the relevant documents, pay for services, according to the tariff set by the carrier and Official Delegations Hall.

Yes. Official Delegations Hall provides services for passengers traveling with pets. Please notify us when booking the service of the need to arrange the transportation of your pet.

Pets are accepted for transportation provided:

• obtaining a carrier’s permit;

• proper placement in containers/cages with absorbent bottom and air access;

• availability of a valid vaccination certificate and health certificate, permission to import into the country of destination or transit;

• transportation of pets is paid additionally, at the rate set by the carrier

Important! Official Delegations Hall does not charge extra for the provision of services to passengers traveling with pets.

More detailed information on the rules of transportation of pets can be found at the number of the inspector of the border checkpoint of veterinary medicine by phones:
+38 (067) 274-41-14 and +38 (044) 281-75-92

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